The New Guy

Apr 11th, 2013Student Showcase

The New Guy by Darren Tate, graduate from Southampton Solent University.

I created the whole film myself at the university I studied at (Southampton Solent). The only part of the film I had help with was the score which was created by the talented Lee Miller.

The film has a very basic premise, it’s about a dinosaur that manages to get an office job, but struggles to fit in with his human colleagues.

The main inspiration for The New Guy was from Mr.Bean. I’ve always been a fan of the way it has the ability to make people from all age ranges and backgrounds laugh without any dialogue. For the visual style of the film I took a lot of inspiration from modern cartoon network shows as I feel the use of bold shapes and colours work really well for simple story telling.

I drew the whole film on 12 field paper, then scanned and coloured the frames using Digicel’s Flipbook software, then composited all the elements within After Effects.

Next Project?
I’m currently working on another short in my spare time, as well as various freelance jobs. To keep up to date with my projects you can visit my blog at

Which animated film would you like to have made?
Since it’s release, Ponyo has been my favourite animated film. I’m not normally a fan of the work coming from Studio Ghibli, but Ponyo is just so beautiful. I love looking through the ‘art of’ book from the film, I would loved to have been a part of it’s creation.

The New GuyThe New GuyThe New GuyThe New Guy