Since 2012 Show Me The Animation has partnered with Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival to bring you the AniJam Challenge, a 48hr creative animation mission. The AniJam challenge is simple create a animated film between 15-90 seconds long based around a specific theme in 48hrs. 48hrs to create an animation from start to finish? Sound Crazy? Well we over the last two years we have had 8 teams taking part coming up with brilliant films in the process. Stay tuned for news about AniJam 2014!

Winner AniJam 2013 / Theme: The Journey

Don't Cross Me by:

Hannah Welch, Madeleine Grossi, Tom Gran, Laura Tofarides

Winner AniJam 2012 / Theme: Jam

Kill Me Now by:

Harry Slinger-Thompson, James Hatley, Oliver Hamilton